Virtual  Visit!

Although most have not visited the classical multi-hued village of Bellagio in Tuscany, many have visited the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas. It typifies attention to detail, decadent elegance, uniqueness, and the ultimate in quality decor. We wanted to emulate the ‘Bellagio experience” in the burgundy and gold Bellagio bedroom as evidenced by a Marge Carson tooled leather bedroom set, a classical European lighted canopy with foam-backed upholstery, and a totally elegant wispy “X” drifting across the ceiling centering into a Fine Art lighting fixture. The beaded tassels are truly without equal, anywhere. Get up close and admire.

Now, let’s add a Majestic see-through fireplace remotely controlled from both the bed AND the Jacuzzi tub. How decadent! And like the Resort with its lovely artworks and fountains, just outside in the Sunrise Courtyard rests not only an oil painting of Lake Como and Bellagio, but also a classical Henri four Lion feature fountain. Anyone who sees this bedroom will never forget it.

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