​​​ Casa Encantada Estate

The Story...

The Grand Room took a great deal of time and effort to achieve its dual purpose: casual, comfortable elegance combined with a refined turquoise and coral décor. A finish carpenter and master mason took months to complete the fieldstone rock wall with lighted niches. More than half the stones were discarded before placement, as the colors had to be perfectly matched.

The Louis XIV clock with matching candelabras and the La Barge mocha marble coffee table from France were very special additions, as was the Venetian-scene dressing panel from Italy which had the hinges removed and made into framed gallery quality art.Careful observation of the convexity and concavity of the table and couches makes a pleasing sight to the eye, even if one doesn’t really know why.

​The Majestic fireplace provides warmth for the entire room without the noise and hydrocarbon emissions of a furnace. The triple-pencil-ogee round dining table with custom upholstered banquette provides convivial seating for eight with incredible hilltop views both day and night.

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Grand  Room