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The Media Room at Casa Encantada is indeed multipurpose. Noticing the magnificent medallion light above and the Gone with the Wind and Casablanca gallery framed posters, it is of course a theatre. The Stewart-Luxus 108 x 103” screen magically drops from above and behind Hearst Castle Collection draperies and cornice. The truly immersive surround-sound system is composed of seven Klipsch theatre quality speakers, including a woofer powerful enough to vibrate the couch you are sitting on!

Additionally the space is also a Playstation™ game room, music room, and computer room! Beside the professional electronics ‘rack’ one also finds a wine refrigerator and media cabinets. Even the lights are magically programmable for variable ‘scenes’ with remote control. Turn down the lights, get a tasty bowl of popcorn and, ”let the show begin!” But be warned; most visitors don’t want to leave even when the show is over.

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