​​​ Casa Encantada Estate

The Story...

Music Room

Let’s see now. If we have a room designed to reflect sound and embellished with a Kentia Palm, Swarovski crystal chandelier, and crystal candelabras reflected in an oversized museum quality mirror, what could possibly be missing? Of course … a classical ivory Yamaha Baby Grand Piano! And let’s make it become a precious collector’s item, with a lustrous finish no longer produced by Yamaha due to the difficulty in doing so

Can’t play the piano? Well, let’s make it a Piano Disc Digital Piano that’s able to play a dozen libraries from classical to jazz to movie themes exactly as if the artist were there in person! Add a synthesizer with many background instruments {a virtual orchestra} And you have a convivial piano bar locale anytime you wish.

To complete the ambiance, we’ll add custom designed executive chairs and chaises made for the room, as well as two famous bronzes {Lady in Thought and Blind Justice} on special pedestals. I’m sure even Liberace would be proud.

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