​​​ Casa Encantada Estate

The Story...

Although originally planned (and zoned) for a guest house with pool and gardens and as a special event venue {commanding $5,000+ /24hrs}, it was decided to make this area—at least for now-- into a vibrant ‘commune with nature.”  The location is the unique and ultra-rare “Gardener’s Zone #16—with the very best soil there is. {Western Home and Garden} There are plum trees, peach trees, apricot trees, and orange trees along with 33 or so fragrant lemon trees.

 Because the lemons are of such high quality, every one grown in this 
specially warmed microclimate is presold to fine local organic markets.

Fresh, ultra pure water for the entire property and augmentation of the municipal water supply is provided by a 600’ fresh water well with storage in a hidden 5000-gallon tank. The expansive aquifer beneath the well is in no danger of running dry.

One can recline on the redwood bench cleverly concealing the well plumbing and lounge amidst a venue totally befitting the terminus of Fairytale Lane. Grab a juicy peach or plum, smell the fragrant lemon blossoms while strolling Orchard Lane, and succumb to the knowledge that your life at Casa Encantada will be truly enriched forever.

Orchard Lane