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The Story...

Portofino is a classical, cool, and romantic seaside village on Italy’s Riviera. With the lush green hillsides and turquoise ocean, we wanted to emulate those colors in the Portofino Bedroom. Thus, you will find many different shades of green, blue, teal, and turquoise in the diaphanous canopy, Portofino-inspired tapestry, and hidden even in the unlikely seafoam green Tuscan phone and suede turquoise mat in the en-suite artwork.

 The hand-carved ultra smooth Bau bedroom set was made in Italy and took more than 10 months to complete. And when one goes to sleep or awakens and looks upward, one sees a truly breathtaking beaded and lighted medallion that will capture your gaze and imagination. “I was late for my appointment because of the medallion above my bed” is easily understood as a valid excuse.