​​​ Casa Encantada Estate

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The study was designed as a sanctuary, a place to revel in the activities that evoke pleasure and reminiscent of an active lifestyle in days both past and present. The Old English wallpaper sets the background tone as one sees an authentic brass sextant, captain’s log, and cap. Instead of a commonplace wood ‘crown molding,’ one finds a perimeter enveloping special acanthus-leaved ‘fabric-molding’ with ingenious colorful rope borders to match. You will not see décor like this anywhere else.

There are various accouterments of sailing and diving and meteorology around cherry wood lighted bookcases and lateral files; and a cherry wood cabinet ingeniously hides computer accessories with electrical and ethernet ports.

The décor is masculine, with square-rigged sailing ship models and a ship’s wheel adorning the cabinet tops. The globe of the world is made from precious jewels instead of simply paper or plastic and paint.The executive and guest chairs are brushed leather and I’m afraid that the view of colorful flowers and palms out on the balustrade veranda will foster daydreaming instead of working.