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​​​ Casa Encantada Estate


When one thinks about Venice, one pictures canals, gondolas, mandolin-strumming minstrels, and perhaps people meeting in St. Marks Square. So it had to be with the aubergine, gold, and taupe Venetian Bedroom. A fresco of Venice greets you as you enter and beneath the elegant lighted canopy is a tapestry illustrating just such a scene. There are canals and gondolas in the en-suite painting and even in the matching picture on the table. We drove to more than a dozen marble and granite yards to find the special tabletops with hints of aubergine in the veins.

 Above the armoire one finds an authentic 1906 mother of pearl inlaid mandolin actually used in an Italian café. Nearby, one see aged sheet music and old books portraying ‘The Merchant of Venice” providing an amazing illustration of attention to detail. The colorful aubergine hues in the canopy, bedspread, draperies, and pillows tie everything together and leave many visitors, just like Venice does, without words.